NTPC boost to solar panel installation in Rajasthan

The state-run solar power plant in Rajasthan, the Bhadla solar park run by NTPC, is reported to have increased its installed capacity to 160 MW. Another news report confirms that NTPC has again commissioned 20 MW of addition capacity for the Bhadla project. This is good news for people of Rajas

NTPC last month added 45 MW solar capacities at the Bhadla solar park. The total solar panel installation by NTPC’s projects now stands at 520 MW.  One of the prominent solar power manufacturers in Rajasthan, NTPC is firmly progressing towards achieving its target of 1000 MW additional capacity. NTPC has an ambitious target to achieve a 130-GW company up to 2032 through diversified energy sources. Renewable energy is likely to be 28% of the total target (of 130-GW) of NTPC.

Rajasthan, which has the natural energy source (of sun power) in surplus, is top priority for NTPC. Cost of solar panels in the state has stooped to a new low. Only in January 2016, Finland-based energy firm Fortum Finnsurya Energy offered a quote of Rs 4.34 a unit to seal the opportunity for setting up a 70 MW solar plant under NTPC’s Bhadla solar park tender.

However, the solar power tariff is still not the cheapest in Rajasthan. Madhya Pradesh offers solar electricity at Rs 2.97 per unit. With an abundance of solar power manufacturers in Rajasthan, consumers can expect a further drop in solar panel price any time soon. Some of the big solar companies include, SunEdison, Adani Enterprises, Reliance Power and Azure Power.

The solar inverter price in India is now very competitive. There are many solar manufacturers in Rajasthan, for example, who offer incentives to install solar panels at home. In addition, the state government is committed to achieve 4700 MW target of solar rooftop projects. It has even lowered the solar power cost to Rs 3-4 per unit. A solar inverter is also available at an average price of Rs 20,000.

Given the huge list of solar plants in Rajasthan, residents in the state, can look forward to reliable solar panel installation at affordable price. They can also benefit from the green living by choosing solar system for home. Solar energy is slowly but steadily emerging as a workable choice in comparison to traditional source of energy. It is clean and efficient, especially if you compare it with using coal and diesel.

The central government is committed to solar panel installation to achieve its target of 100% rural electrification. The government is targeting to reach a total capacity of 2300 MW of solar panel installation. This figure is exemplary, as this capacity will be achieved for rooftop solar capacity by 2022.

Besides the solar panel price, it is the basic access to electricity which is a reason to rejoice. There are ample options available from the list of solar panel manufacturers in India. These suppliers offer guarantee and easy maintenance on the product.

Typically, solar home lighting system (with inverter) comes with a warranty of five years, and the solar inverter battery is maintenance-free too. If you choose to run your house on solar panel installation, buy a solar system with a capacity to run lights, fans, TV’s, Fridge, and other low-voltage items.  Additional options include solar water heaters and AC’s, which run on solar power separately. Another workable solution is opting for solar power inverters, which are cleaner than and as efficient as a diesel generator. Say yes to Green Environment and Living!


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